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NAIA study dispelling MYTH that breeders  cause  shelter overpopulation
9 Things You Didn't Know about Puppy Mills

Myth of Pet Overpopulation
[Disproving the Lie at the Heart of Shelter
Killing and dispelling the over-breeding lie]
The Future of Dogs in an Animal Rights America [Potential down the road
a decade or two if the AR cults have their way]
Why I Feel GOOD about Breeding [Dave Covert]
Are animal shelters really full of purebred dogs?
The Philosophy of Liberty: Legal Plunder

[Theory behind stealing owned animals under color of law]
Protecting Your Animals in the Face of "Moral Panic"
GOT 50?  
[Educating others about the Animal Rights Extremists]
Early Canid Domestication: The Farm-Fox Experiment
[Study on domestication timing in foxes]
ABC News: Cruelty to Pet Owners?
[2005 Exposé of the NT SPCA by John Stossel, plus other links]
Anti-PUPs Flyer
Animal "Rights" and the New Man Haters
Putting Animal Rights Extremists on the Hate Map
(TX) New Animal Laws Are Cover for Radical Movement
Fake Cops from the SPCA

Environmental Lobby Groups Live Outside Reality
Whose Pet is Safe?
[with this kind of Animal Control]
This Aviculturist's Response to ARF Propaganda
Is Pet Bird Overpopulation Real?
Preserve Your Right to Own a Pet

Mandatory Spay/Neuter - A FailureEverywhere
Consider the Fallout
[Excellent, intelligent discussion
of the consequences of cities banning dog and cat sales at pet stores unless they come from shelters/rescues]
Civil Forfeiture [How animal thieves get away with their seizures under color of law]
Current AGGRESSION against Animals and Their Owners in Texas
(CA) AR-backed Legislative Impact on Animal Sellers
[legal analysis/opinion]
We're All Damaging Dog Ownership [Superb discussion of the dynamics of dog ownership in our society and how the animal rights movement, with our help, is damaging that.]
Humane or Insane? Importing Foreign Strays for the U.S. Pet Market
Trial by Ambush  
[what *animal police* in TX are using to steal animals under color of law]
Animal Rights Influence in Federal Government Regulatory  Agencies
see also: AR Infiltrators in the USDA?

Animal Rights - Pets and Rescue