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Those Wonderful Conures! 

  Groom! Groom!   Crimsons at home        Hanging out together

Conures Make Fantastic Pets!

 ¯ Personality plus

 ¯ Intelligent and mischievous

 ¯ Affectionate and playful

 ¯ Colorful choices

 ¯   Very vocal, some talking ability!



       Give me a good start

Conure Availability
(December 10, 2014)

Hi-red pineapple GCs on eggs, RF and normal sun conures laying

Young birds are raised in a home environment and kept in groups, and when mature, in indoor/outdoor flights.
They are fully flight fledged and "bird socialized", and potential pets are also "people socialized".
Because they are not raised singly in cages, they do not tend to be super-clingy, but *choose* to be with people.
Our breeding pairs of conures are in an indoor/outdoor aviary, so that they can enjoy
climate-controlled interiors as well as fresh air and sunshine in outdoor flights. Most are semi-tame.

Species (DNA-sexed)

Price Availability
   Red factor Sun male or female [PICTURE] [PICTURE] [PICTURE]
[Article on Red Factor Suns]
 $500 N/A at this time
    04/14 normal sun male [414], tame, steps up, very cuddly,
            will hold for Christmas
Xmas special 
  Crimson Bellied male or female
[PICTURE] [LINK TO ARTICLE]  lineage provided
  $425 N/A at this time

Green Cheek Color Mutations (DNA-sexed) [LINK TO ARTICLE]

  Pineapple, 05/14 female [1405], friendly
             will hold for Christmas
 Xmas special
  Pineapple male or female $250-$275 (hi red) N/A at this time





    Hey! Pull that Tugboat Faster!

YS pair - We see you!

Get off my cage!    

 Not QUITE room for four



Pineapple, normal and YS GCs,
plus crimson bellied youngster
Buddies—Solay and Blaze (Grandfather and grandson)

Getting along with others...  .                     

Wheee! Wings!


Sun babies (red factor and normal)

Young pineapple male
with "epaulets"...

... and his underwing

Red factor suns
(Koko and Kismet)

Normal suns
(Suzie and Solay)

Taking time off from chicks...

 6 MO Roseifrons getting a red head

 My corn...no, my corn!

       Normal and red factor suns



"High red" pineapple GC youngster
(6 weeks old)
Young Roseifrons breakfasting with Mom
Red factor sun Kismet at 1 YO
showing red scalloping on back

       Parrotlet and crimson-bellied conure "sandwich"

YSGC Flying Away!

  Whatcha got in there?  

Young GCs and CB snuggling 

Young CBs



Pineapples and yellowsided checking out young chicks

Youngsters visiting Mom and Dad

Pineapple male at the ark



Although I no longer raise white eared or roseifrons conures,
                                             I still appreciate their uniqueness, personalities, and intelligence.                                               

White Eared Conure Pictures!                   Roseifrons Conure Pictures!



          YOUR PET, YOUR CHOICE?     

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