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Feathered  Companions  Aviary
A Cozy Home Aviary Since 1991

Comanche County, Oklahoma

California-born, I grew up around Dallas, Texas; graduated from UT Austin; and lived in the Austin, Texas area for many years. As a youngster, I frequently had flying dreams, and I loved Jonathan Livingston Seagull—both the book and the movie. I have always felt very close to birds and envied
their flying ability!

My first bird, Tweety Boy, was a green budgie I received on my 7th birthday. He talked, did tricks, and was a much-loved member of our family during the next decade. When I left for college, he stayed with my folks and later kept my grandparents company.

In years past, I've raised Arabian horses and maintained MacDonald's farm when my kids were in FFA and 4H.

FCA's History: Feathered Companions Aviary began 30+ years ago when I received a pet cockatiel that reminded me how much I love to interact with birds. In 1995,  I fell in love with a special sun conure, Solay. Through him and his mate Suzie, I learned about co-parenting, being included in a flock, and sharing deep affection with feathered creatures. Solay is still with me, though we lost Suzie in 2013. As the "bird fever" grew, I acquired more types of parrots and finally made some decisions that led to my specializing in conures, which I felt were the most adaptable to human and bird flocks.

Through many bird e-lists and Facebook, I network with like-minded people. I am past President of the Pyrrhura Breeders Association (PBA) and currently the Oklahoma state coordinator for the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA). I actively support responsible parrotkeeping, as well as knowledgeable and reputable aviculture, including supporting organizations that are concerned with the well-being and re-homing of parrots.

The Future: My primary joys are my birds and participating in the best that aviculture and related endeavors have to offer. I will continue to home-raise handfed, socialized youngsters that can be pets and/or breeders—individuals that interact with both the "extended" flock and with people. I also will continue to learn and expand my "reality" in regards to these special companion birds. I believe that all aviculturists have an obligation to provide the best care for, and access to owner-education about these wonderful feathered creatures that share our homes and hearts.

Please visit my other pages, which include dozens  of avian articles
and pictures. I’m also on MeWe.com.

Contact me at birdcompanions@gmail.com with specific questions about my birds.

Marcy Covault